Consultations & operating Models

Infrastructure Consultation

Potential analysis, feasibility studies, and project appraisals need to take technical and economic aspects into account, along with the legal concerns of the principal and the other parties involved in the project. We give the parties security by weighing up at an early stage the benefits of various implementation options. Thanks to a large number of successful projects in the past, we have extensive experience in establishing project structures and organizations, along with the accompanying processes and tools.

We incorporate the findings from analysis and feasibility studies into a well-thought-out master plan, or system plan, as the basis for projects. Our Project Management service provides principals with professional support in executing their projects – particularly with linear construction sites, where we ensure smooth logistics and optimize construction times, thereby reducing pressures. A concern for comprehensive health, safety, and environmental protection informs all of our activities. If several projects in a portfolio or investment program need to be processed at the same time, we make use of special tools and processes from our multiproject and program management systems. We manage award procedures and use a tightly controlled approval management process to bring the necessary order into public sector approval processes. We also incorporate project-specific financing structures (such as public subsidies) into your project structure at an early stage, and assist you from the initial application with special financing, subsidies, and funds controlling. In addition, we ensure that services are correctly awarded and properly invoiced.

ITIL operation & Designs

A new and innovative idea to the business increases their keenness in service provider and differentiates them from competitive site

It makes the customer realize that the organization will be able to constantly support their business strategies through new and innovative ideas
Results in greater employee and customer satisfaction
New and improved service increases the efficiency of the service operation

Service Design – Overview:

It analyses the business requirements and design a service solution which is then passed to service transition phase to analyze, build, test & deploy them in live environment. The scope is not limited to new services, but it also advises on the enhancement or change required in the services to improve the existing system.
A service designer need to analyze the market condition and design the services that meet’s the business expectation. Service Design is built upon four P’s:

People – Professionals that are in-charge of delivering IT service. People should be skilled and competent enough to deliver the services to business

Processes – Process that support and manage the delivery of IT service. All the services should meet the client’s expectation and agreed service level

Products – Products or tools that support the delivery of IT service

Partners – Vendors and suppliers who are involved in the delivery of IT service

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