Managed Service Desk

Service Desk

A dedicated service desk can be considerable an asset to modern enterprises. Available 24×7, they act as a single point of contact for employees needing help with technical issues. Problems can be fixed more quickly, and employees back to work faster than under an ad-hoc service system – which can also take valuable time from core IT department assets.
But managing a service desk in-house can take considerable resources. In addition to all the normal expenses of a department, service desk operators must receive continual training to keep their knowledge set up to date.
In contrast, an outsourced service desk can be the best of all worlds for many organizations. At WESTECH IT, we ensure our agents are kept up to date on developments with required applications and are regularly certified on various technology vendors and platforms.
WESTECH IT Service Desk provides below primary functions that give business users easy access and quick resolutions:
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