Network, voice & Security


Wired and Wireless

Local area networks (LAN and Wi-Fi) are decisive factors in the ups and downs of IT performance, alongside the computer center. But running the LAN infrastructure requires considerable staff and financial resources. T-Systems takes over this task on request and guarantees success with its SLA (service level agreement). This arrangement gives companies security and facilitates a high-performing company network.

Contact Center Solution

Irrespective of the customer’s location, call centers play an important role in delivering reliable customer experience on a daily basis. Different call centers have their own unique goals that have to be met but at the end of the day it all boils down to providing quality service to the customers. Industry surveys have indicated that despite the surge in self-service technologies, customer service professionals (CSP) are preferred the most when it comes to experiencing quality service. Customers too are more knowledgeable regarding the products they purchase and hence prefer interacting with CSPs who possess superior language, communication, and problem solving skills to resolve their issues. It therefore becomes imperative for companies with call centers to constantly work on improving the quality of service to the level that the customers expect from them. A reliable customer care call center service expert can provide you with the necessary support required to set up and run an excellent contact center.

Network Security

Our team continuously monitors and improves and IT Infrastructure/ Cloud security posture while preventing detecting, analyzing and respond to Cyber security incidents

We Offers

Provide a single pane of glass for unified network security policy management across cloud and on-premise networks

  • Translate non-technical business requests for connectivity into networking terms
  • Intelligently automate the entire security policy change process
  • Proactively assess the risk of every proposed change
  • Pinpoint and quickly troubleshoot network connectivity issues
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